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Major Janet Gray

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innovation drives our strategies
We are an innovative national political and direct mail consulting firm for candidates, causes and ballot measures. Roger Lee offers his services to a limited number of clients and provides personal hands-on management.

what we do
We bring decades of senior-level political consulting and award-winning direct mail consulting to democratic candidates and causes. We develop and implement tactical plans to assist progressive organizations and campaigns with specific projects such as infrequent voter strategies, targeted GOTV programs, and general and senior consulting.

experience and ability
TRLG offers a breadth of campaign consulting experience. Whether you hire us to manage a campaign or as a general consultant, a senior one, or a direct-mail consultant, our knowledge and experience will increase your campaign's strategic capacity and overall impact.

During Election 2000, Roger’s innovate manage development and targeted direct mail helped the NAACP National Voter Fund ultimately mobilize an unprecedented 1.5 million additional African American voters in targeted states. In addition, Roger also served as direct mail consultant to Pro-Choice America’s national independent expenditure campaign.

Howard Dean and statewide ballot measures
The Roger Lee Group has succesfully experience winning ballot measure and innovative campaign. The firm has successfully managed landuse campaigns and statewide ballot initiatives that legalized Medical Marijuana and won National Pollie Awards from the American Association of Political Consultants measure campaign in Alaska.